Customer Advocacy Programs don't just bring in new buyers

They elevate your customers’ experiences, transform buyers into advocates, and keep loyal consumers coming back for more.

When a customer buys a product, they don’t just make a decision because you, the seller, told them ‘it’s the best product on the market!
They do their research. 
They look at trusted peer review sites, ask their colleagues, and speak with people who’ve actually used the product. They want to hear the good, the bad, and the weird. The 100% real experience.
They want the Frank truth.
Do you really want to leave that all up to the mysterious ways of the internet?
Instead, imagine leveraging your most devoted, go-to-the-ends-of-the-earth-for-you, 'golden-retriever-level loyal' customers to showcase your products, bring in new customers, and grow your business.

That’s the power of customer advocacy.

Frank’s Customer Advocacy Expertise

The truth is, your marketing needs and budget will change over time—which is a perfect match for our serial consultant ways. Our adaptable customer marketing services bring strategy, expertise, and resources to let you focus on your top priorities while looking damn good to your executive leadership.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

We’re talking about full pipeline management from lead generation and qualification to onboarding new advocates and activating customer communities. No advocacy tech stack in place? No worries! We’ll help you select and implement the best customer advocacy tools.

Customer Advocacy Activities

Our team ensures every one of your customers feels valued, comfortable, and appreciated by nurturing them into their best-fit advocacy role—whether that’s speaking with a prospect on a reference call or joining an advisory program to offer feedback.

Content Development

Case studies, blog posts, videos, and other content creation—we’ll do it all without breaking a sweat (or your budget). Your customers' positive experiences will come to life for prospective buyers and encourage them to become the next loyal customer, fan, or advocate for your business.

Strategic Consultation

Let's dig into the nitty-gritty of your brand's customer marketing strategy. From industry best practices to customer advocacy platform recommendations to one-off advice, our strategic consultations are honest, practical, and tailor-made for you and your goals.

All the answers to your Customer Advocacy Program questions, right here

Ever Wondered, ‘What Does Customer Advocacy Look Like?’ We’ve Got You.
Customer Advocacy Examples:
- Connecting prospects with your happiest current customers through candid sales reference calls. 
- Pushing your time-sensitive, 75%-complete project across the finish line without a hitch. 
- Organizing a customer advisory board to offer feedback and insight into your latest products.
- Giving the white glove treatment to help customers command a stage with a Beyonce-like presence.

We also offer project management support which includes acting as a liaison between departments, creating content, or handling those days when everything in your inbox is labeled URGENT.
I can’t invest in long-term customer advocacy support right now... can we still work together?
Absolutely! One of our favourite parts of working as a consultancy is the flexibility we offer our clients. 

Whether you need help with a one-time project or want to establish ongoing support, we won’t tie you down. Instead, we’re happy to create a scaleable and adaptable plan based on your needs, timelines, and budget.
How do I know you’ll recommend the right customer advocacy platform or vendor for me?
We like to say we’re ‘vendor agnostic’.

Even though we have great relationships with a variety of vendors, we do not have official affiliations, partnerships, or sponsorships with any customer advocacy vendor. Regardless of company size or program maturity, our focus is 100% on your needs and finding the platform or solution that best suits your workflow and business goals.
Who will I actually be working with on your team?
While we (Alexie and Janelle) work seamlessly together and act as the face of Frank Advocacy, we're also supported by a team of experienced customer marketing experts. One of us will be your primary contact throughout your project, but we'll call on our team members as needed to deliver the best possible solutions and accomplish your goals.
What is your payment structure like?
Our payment structures are as flexible as our service agreements. 

From up-front project-based quotes to hourly billing, we’ll create a statement of work that meets your budget needs and doesn’t have you dreading the investment.