Marketing Strategists & Relationship Builders

We put your customers' experiences at the centre of your marketing decisions to help you build a brand with a loyal following of enthusiastic buyers. 
As a sister-sister team, you know we have a history of getting straight to the point while still being endlessly supportive. We grew up working in our family restaurant while our mom built her reputation as a savvy customer marketing consultant—passing on 20+ years of invaluable expertise.

We recognize the power relationships have in influencing business. Frankly, we know honesty, hard work, and empathy are key to strong, symbiotic relationships. 

With our combined expertise in customer care, problem solving, storytelling, data analysis, and business organization, we’ve built a dynamic customer advocacy team that actively listens to the needs of our clients and serves as an extra brain, heart, or hand for their business.
Let’s face it, the marketing industry can be a little… impersonal. Even though customers are always interacting with your brand and making purchasing decisions, it’s not unusual to forget about the real human behind the screen. 
And that’s why we’re here. 

Frankly, we’re in the business of

Showing Up Honestly
We're transparent and it would be a waste of your time if we showed up as anything other than that. 

Whether it’s getting real about what we can accomplish with your budget or offering suggestions on the best customer marketing platform for your business, we’re always Frank.
Building Relationships
We're serious about our relationships. Our greatest joy comes from working with clients again and again, and seeing their businesses grow.

Expect to receive future check-ins from us about how your customers are feeling, how your reference programs are progressing, or how your latest vacation went.
Giving a Damn
We’re determined to help you reach your goals—even if that means we’re thinking about your project during coffee breaks and dog walks. 

Maybe it's because we're a family-based business where support means everything, but even if we're not in the game, we'll always cheer you on from the sidelines.

No fluff, just Frank.

We can’t wait to work with you!